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Poster: dead-head_Monte Date: Nov 4, 2011 7:02am
Forum: occupywallstreet Subject: Re: Democracy into Mobacrasy for more Wall Street profit

Let me try to put it to you another way. Make believe you and I are at an OWS Rally. Imo - 'Posting messages in this OWS Forum is the same thing (to me) as using an OWS sign at an OWS Protest Rally' -- BECAUSE this is an OWS forum, containing OWS messages, that [some] OWS acitivists are trying to get out. In effect, that makes each posting here an 'OWS sign', imo, just like an OWS sign at an OWS rally.

Therefore, I've elected to not use hate-speech in posts and messages of mine - on 'this Forum' - that represent the OWS movement. I'm suggesting others consider this point. Imo, posting here is 'the same thing as' displaying an OWS protest sign at an OWS rally.' My explanation: civility should be used when putting out OWS messages.

Two weeks ago, I made a sign at an OWS rally one day. My sign said, Anderson Cooper is a Liar! (It should have said, "Anderson Cooper is dishonest!" - don't you see the difference?) A couple of OWS moderators asked me not to use that sign while they were there protesting at the OWS rally. After a few minutes, I decided not to use that sign. I held up several other OWS signs instead. It made good sense to me at the time. People are watching us, our message(s), and our 'every move'. You're using a fine-toothed comb on me right now, for example.

Today, if I were posting an OWS 'type of message', and I wanted to say: 'Anderson Cooper is a Liar!,' then - imo, I would probably post that type of speech in a message on another Forum. The GD Forum is full of hate speech, for example, even though I find that disturbing. I'm guilty of using some name-calling and some hate-speech there and elsewhere, but I try and keep it to a minimum. But, I'm not using hate-speech in this OWS forum.

Here's me bashing Anderson Cooper - but, I posted this on the Text Forum

This is strictly my opinion and my idea. It makes sense to me to not use hate-speech on the OWS Forum. I'm just saying. Please, stop splitting hairs on this. Thank You. I am not in charge of anything. I appreciate you asking me. But, I've given you lots of my time on this, and I have to believe 'you get' what I'm saying. That's all I have to say about this right now. Ask some other knowledgeable OWS people about this. OWS is a 'work in progress'. I'm not a Politcal Scientist, nor have you indicated you are. Say anything you want. Go to a Tea Party Rally.

If I'm wrong about my 'facts' or 'actions' - blame me, NOT the OWS movement. Thanks.

Re: hate speech in the words Rastamon posted, which I noted:

communist = 4
radical = 4
anti-American = 3
anarchist = 2

I repeat: imagine Rastamon mentioned George Soros to me at work. Imagine if I said, I like OWS. Imagine if Rasta made his rant (or Noise Collector made one), and intimated that I was a communist, radical, anti-American, and an anarchist -- calling me these four names thirteen times in two minutes of speech -- at work. At this point, I am supposed to ask the individual to please stop. I'm supposed to indicate that this speech offends me, and it's not acceptable behavior in our work place. The offender is expected to stop. The boss is demanding to be informed -- immediately -- if any of this behavior is going on in the work place. Fact! In our example, what was said is not dispute. We have witnesses.

If I told my boss that I was highly offended by this name-calling at work, Rastamon would be fired - most likely. He might get a warning the first time. If so, he'd be told if he did it again, he'd be fired.

I can only ask you to reconsider what I've said to you already
"In any case, you're free to say anything you want, where ever you want, when ever you want. Free Speech has its consequences too.

Please, let me be perfectly clear: OWS is simply asking people to not use hate-speech on their protest signs at OWS rallies, OWS protests, and OWS marches.

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